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The album contains photos from a winter holiday trip. For a month we visited the part of the coast east of Caracas, Laguna Canaima, Roraima, Orinoco Delta and the area around Ranch Grande in Los Llanos. In the photos you can see landscapes from the Canaima National Park and from the trek to Roraima, as well as animals from the plains near Barinas. We chose Venezuela because of the great variety of climate and landscapes. In a short time you can see the sandy beaches of the ocean, the oldest mountains in the world, paradise lagoons, rainforest and steppes stretching to the horizon. Trips to Salto Angel, Canaima Lagoon and Roraima provide boating, climbing and beautiful views. In the Orinoco Delta, I mainly photographed the Warao Indians living in civilized villages and encountered the rainforest for the first time. Los Llanos, on the other hand, offers a huge wealth of birds and other animals in an amount incomparable to any other region of Venezuela.